If you’re struggling with the difficulties posed by managing several different types of collection within one institution, you are most certainly not alone.

Many organisations hold significant collections of library, archive and object material which have traditionally been managed in different systems, usually by different staff working in different departments. Add an ever-increasing volume of digital media into this mix, and the problems of effectively managing and giving access to collections simply mount up.

The inefficiencies of this approach are increasingly under pressure in today’s economic climate. Working with different systems means dealing with different suppliers, staff need to be trained to work in different interfaces, and IT need to manage/backup/upgrade different applications.

Adlib’s fully integrated software solution enables you to really capitalise on the value of your collections as a whole, because you can:

  • Mix archive, library, museum and digital media collections in any combination;
  • Create unlimited relationships between all the above record types;
  • Share terminology and authority files across all collections;
  • Search across all collections on the web.

Best of all, you can do all this within one consistent software application!

Working more efficiently does not mean that you have to compromise on professionalism. Adlib systems support all the relevant information management standards that apply in the field of archival, library and museum curatorial work, including ISAD(G), ISAAR(cpf), AACR2, and Spectrum.

Adlib’s ‘Microsoft Office’ TM style user interface means your staff will quickly become competent in entering and using data, whilst your system manager will appreciate the convenience of being able to configure the system themselves without having to engage a software company to create a new screen form or add a new field.

Of critical importance for any software system used for managing collections is its long-term viability. Here Adlib really excels. Our proven ability (over more than 25 years) to keep our customers fully up-to-date with the latest technology, whether database, mobile or web, means that the sustainability of your system is something you won’t need to worry about.

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