Brand NEW to the UK manufacturing market is Measom Freer’s luer cap range. Made from polypropylene, they fit any of their 18mm R4 neck sized bottles from 15ml to 100ml and provide safe and leak free dispensing. Typical uses include lubricants, solvents, adhesives, inks, chemicals and assembly fluids.

The luer lock cap screws on to the bottle ready to accept any luer lock or Luer Slip type needle tip and tip cap seals, which Measom Freer can easily advise on and source for customers. They can also have our Spout Tip (Ref 4612A) fitted to seal in contents, then any dispense tip that attaches to the luer lock cap can be added for application.

To transport or store luer cap bottles containing liquid they advise purchasing a screw on cap (Ref 5318R/S) to ensure the bottle is leak proofed. The needle tips can safely be transported and stored in either their Clear Boxes or Rigid Tubes keeping them safe and reducing the possibility of damage. These products are intended for industrial use only.

Measom Freer stock a wide range of bottles to fit these caps including round, square, oval and coloured. Screen printing in one or several colours is also available to complete the desired look.

Measom Freer Tel +44(0)116 2881588, Fax +44(0)116 2813000, [email protected] or buy online at via pc or tablet.

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