For the past 19 years, Edinburgh-based Memorabilia Pack Company has been creating a range of fascinating historical replica packs to supply museum gift shops.

These attractive packages are stuffed with facsimile ephemera from bygone times and are beautifully designed. “They’re fun, educational, and convey a sense of being there more effectively than books,” said co-founder and director Stuart Reid.

The products have a broad appeal, ranging from the nostalgia minded tourist to the teaching profession. For example, the Home Front pack includes a ration book, leaflets, trade cards, booklets, etc. The company continue to use the same Dorset based printer who specialise in recreating old documents. They also produce a range of smaller “pocket money” items, such as wartime ration book, newspaper and ID card – perfect for school visits.

Best-selling titles include Children’s War, 1950s Household, First World War, Titanic, Victorian Household, 1960s Childhood and Suffragettes. New titles are never far away, and the most recent addition to the range is 1970s Childhood.

With a trade price of just £2.70 (RRP £5.95), and low minimum orders, 2015 is bound to be a busy year.

For further information contact:

Memorabilia Pack Co,
16 Forth Street,

Tel: 0131 550 3799 or email: [email protected] or visit:

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