Extensis unveiled a new Digital Asset Management Toolkit, a comprehensive resource that guides companies from early stages of DAM exploration to best practices for implementation and rollout.

With the explosion of digital files and media over the past decade, companies across the globe are facing the growing challenge of how to keep assets organised, accessible and ensure everyone is using the current versions. Digital asset management solutions have emerged to help organisations gain control over their assets, and in turn, save significant time and money.

Many enterprise-scale organisations implemented DAM early on because their large collections demanded solutions to help manage them. Companies and workgroups of all sizes are now seeing similar asset growth and need to proactively implement DAM. In organisations with limited resources, this can be a challenge. Extensis has developed this Toolkit to help companies strategise their DAM solution.

The new Digital Asset Management Toolkit provides resources and planning tools to help organisations:

  • Become educated on DAM and its benefits
  • Determine if they need DAM
  • Calculate the ROI of a DAM solution, specific to their organisation
  • Create a strategy for selecting a system
  • Develop criteria for evaluating solutions
  • Prepare for a smooth and successful implementation
  • Learn best practices for workflow definition & mapping, asset naming conventions, metadata schemas, and more

Companies can start using the Digital Asset Management Toolkit today at www.extensis.com/dam-toolkit

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