The World Rugby Hall of Fame consists of three main areas:

  • A historic timeline, covering the game’s beginnings in 1823 to its global spread, right up to current events.
  • The regions, looking at the six regions and 121 World Rugby member unions, as well as the five core values of the sport – integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect.
  • Inductees featuring a Wall of Fame exhibition with large interactive digital projections investigating historic games. This exhibition will be updated continuously.

World Rugby Chief Executive Brett Gosper said that after extensive planning, World Rugby has a permanent and physical World Rugby Hall of Fame, which will celebrate the sport’s rich tradition and history while also providing inspiration for the current and future generations of players, officials and supporters of the game.

“And how appropriate it is for the museum to be based in the town of Rugby, where it all began nearly 200 years ago,” he said. “It really is a momentous occasion of our sport and I hope that people from all over the world will flock to visit the Hall of Fame and learn more about rugby, its journey and its future direction. I wish to thank our friends at Mather & Co for their expertise, vision and talent in designing the Hall of Fame, which will be an inspiration for rugby fans who travel from all over the world to see it.”

Artefacts from World Rugby’s own collection, as well as memorabilia loaned by the member unions and World Rugby Hall of Fame inductees are displayed, and combined with over 180 archive videos equalling over six hours of available film footage make this a unique visitor experience.

To make the most of the floor area, digital technologies have been employed to transform large wall panels into multi-user interactive projection touch-walls, encouraging visitors to explore the history of the game and select their favourite moments, discover the wide variety of ways the game is played around the world and learn about the 121 member unions from the six regional associations that make up World Rugby.

Within the World Rugby Hall of Fame, a suite of interactive installations allow visitors to select their heroes and see them projected as larger-than-life images on double-sided glass blades.

Mather & Co, which worked with World Rugby and Rugby Borough Council on this project, has previously designed sporting museums both in the UK and across the world, including the Springboks Experience in Cape Town, which looks at the history of rugby in South Africa, and The Nevin Spence Centre, an attraction focusing on rugby in Ulster.

“We have a pedigree of designing visitor attractions for the game of rugby having created a number of international attractions to exhibit it around the world – but this project is special as it’s in the birthplace of the sport,” said Chris Mather, chief executive, Mather & Co. “It’s important to us that the museum appeals to the general public, as well as to rugby superfans as the location of the attraction plays a part in the story, although it clearly celebrates the global adoption of the game.”

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