To mark the redevelopment of the Our Dynamic Earth galleries in Edinburgh, Antenna has released a downloadable app of the current on-site tour available on iOS and Android platforms. The app will guide users through 13.8 billion years of the Earth's history, from the Big Bang, to the emergence of life, through dinosaurs and homo-sapiens right up to the issues our planet faces today, like climate change. The app guides visitors through the expansive Our Dynamic Earth experience and helps to demystify the complicated evolution of our planet. Highlights include:

James Hutton and the landscape of Edinburgh – The beautiful and dramatic landscape of Edinburgh is an encyclopedia of geological history. Hidden beneath it are the sands of ancient river deltas, basalt rocks from long extinct volcanoes, plants from bygone forests, corals from former tropical seas, and evidence of ice-age glaciers. James Hutton, the father of modern geology, lived in Edinburgh over 200 years ago, and by studying the earth today he believed humans could unlock some of the secrets of its long history.

The Green Gloop – It all began with this gloop. Three thousand five hundred million years ago bacteria emerged. They took their energy from a chemical that was abundant then – sulphur. These single-celled creatures lived happily for around a thousand million years until some began to turn green. These were early photo synthesising bacteria.

The Greenhouse Effect – So what’s this thing called the Greenhouse Effect? Well, first we must be very grateful to it as it keeps the Earth warm. The greenhouse effect is an increase in the temperature of the planet as heat energy from sunlight is trapped by the gases in the atmosphere. The gases are mostly water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

This is a captivating and entertaining app, and Antenna is proud to have built something which so perfectly complements the awe-inspiring experience of Our Dynamic Earth.

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