Come along and experience the wide range of Panasonic Business products and solutions from the comfort of your office desk or home, at a time that is convenient to you as their Virtual Museum goes live on Tuesday 12 July.

The Virtual Museum will not only show how Panasonic’s new visual technologies give museums the capabilities to create immersive environments but also how they have ability to personalise interaction and learning across a wide demographic. In addition, Panasonic’s Video Analytics can help you understand the movement of visitors, in turn improving efficiency and reducing support costs.

On the day Panasonic’s product experts will guide you through the museum and provide an insight into how Panasonic products and solutions can enhance the museum environment, creating an engaging visitor journey and more importantly, help generate additional revenue. They will also be on hand, live, to answer any questions you may have.

Interactive environments that will be covered include:
Informative Displays
Experiential Projection
4K Experience Room
Operations Room

To access the Virtual Museum and the interactive environments, register here and a code will be sent by email for you to register on the day. This e-mail contains a link through to the video experience and log in credentials. Once a user has ‘clicked through’ they will arrive at the registration page and a voice over narration will welcome and provide them with instructions on how to access the site by asking them to type in their log in details.

Once they have entered their details, the doors to the site (museum) will open and they will be taken through to reception. He or she will be greeted by the host presenter who will welcome the visitor and give a brief overview about the site before the user is presented with the site navigation.

Other parts of the museum will be visible from the reception view. These will form the other environments and will become more familiar as the user works their way through the site. Once the host has welcomed the user the site navigation will be made available. From Reception the user is able to navigate to and from any of the environments.

The presenter will give an introduction to the environments, and after this the navigation buttons will appear. The visitor can explore the technologies within the environment through additional videos, as well as accessing case studies, spec sheets and other materials. There is also an “Ask the Experts” button, with a live chat function.

Below are highlights of the visual showings:

Visual Showing:
Visual of the Informative Displays environment featuring:
Digital Signage/Way finding
Light ID
Video Wall

Visual Showing:
Visual of the Experiential Projection environment featuring:
Laser Projection
Short Throw Lens
Edge Blend
Space Player

Visual Showing:
Visual of the 4K Experience Room environment featuring:
4K Screen
4K Toughbook
4k Camera Live feed

Visual Showing:
Visual of the Operations Room environment featuring:
Visitor Analysis

Panasonic’s Virtual Museum goes live on Tuesday 12 July. To access the Virtual Museum and the interactive environments, register here and a code will be sent by email for you to register on the day.


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