Paragon Entertainment has announced that its licensing division has secured the exclusive rights to represent the US based attraction concept KidSteam across the whole of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Adding to Paragon Entertainment-Licensing’s expanding portfolio of branded concepts, KidSteam offers a selection of unique, health conscious and green-efficient attractions for leisure facilities, family entertainment centres and amusement venues. Based in Texas, KidSteam designs and creates a selection of interactive and fun attractions, including Kiddie Rides (pedal-powered trains and tracks), indoor playground equipment, electric trackless trains and foam machines.

Mark Pyrah, CEO of Paragon Entertainment, comments: “It’s fantastic that Paragon is able to exclusively bring this unique attraction concept to a European audience for the very first time. As soon as we learnt about the various, innovative attractions included in the KidSteam portfolio, we could really see the amazing potential and opportunities it has for leisure facilities and visitors attractions throughout Europe.”

Tipped to be a popular choice with leisure facilities is Kidsteam’s ‘Kiddie Rides’. A simple pedal powered train and track that creates an exciting and healthy attraction experience for children aged 4 and up. Children pedal with their hands to move the trains along a completely bespoke track, the faster they pedal, the faster they go.

Multiple trains can be added to the track layout, all to the customer’s specification, for an experience that is fun, healthy and active, for all those involved. As each train is pedal-powered, it requires no electricity, creating an efficient and environmentally friendly attraction, which keeps all operational and running costs to a minimum.

Mark continues: “The Kiddie Cars from KidSteam is another great example of an attraction that is cost effective and environmentally conscious and ensures the children are interacting with one another, as well as taking part in active play through the pedal-powered handcars.

“From an Operators point of view, it can be installed into any size of site, from a location as small as 15 feet in diameter with no power required, creating a product that is economical, green and great fun for all the family.”

As part of the Paragon’s offering, all leisure operators who choose one of the branded concepts from the portfolio will work closely and be supported by the Paragon team throughout the planning, design and installation stages, with this support continuing once the operation is up and running.

Understanding that each operator is different and has its own specifications, the York based company has a team of expert designers, engineers and operators that will create an attraction tailored to each operator’s location, situation and audience.

Mark concludes: “The flexibility in the size, style and theme of each KidSteam attraction available means that operators have a varied choice and can choose a unique ride that suits their environment, space and audience. We already have some great enquiries coming in and we are excited to install the first KidSteam in Europe very shortly.”

Paragon Entertainment-Licensing develops branded attractions and distributes attraction products, including Yu Kids Soft Play, HiLo Challenge Dome and In The Night Garden. Paragon’s attraction products come with the pulling power of having a successful brand behind them and are active, innovative and fun.

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