These include culturally fascinating, festive trivia in Christmas, A Very Peculiar History – a stocking-sized gift book offering an accessible and fast-paced account of the history of Christmas and how it is practiced around the world. As well as the less cultural Truly Foul & Cheesy Christmas Facts and Jokes Book, an irreverent guide to the weird traditions and queasy cuisine of Christmas, featuring easy-to-digest chunks of information and gut-busting gags to shovel down besides the Brussels sprout, like: What do you get when you cross a bell with a skunk? Jingle smells! Who hides in the bakery at Christmas? A mince spy!

Why is there a figure going to the bathroom in Catalonian nativity scenes? And why do sprouts make for such stinky farts? All of these questions, and a lot more you never thought to ask, will be answered inside Truly Foul & Cheesy Christmas! Those wanting a more heart-warming Christmas-themed title should check out our new paperback edition of the bestselling The Bear Who Didn’t Want To Miss Christmas, about a little bear who is worried that he won’t be able to celebrate Christmas with his woodland friends because he has to go into hibernation. In the festive spirit of friendship, the other animals decide to hold Christmas early so that the bear can join in. It’s a delightfully-illustrated story with a simple, powerful message about the value of friendship.

We also have a lift-the-flap title for younger readers called Who’s That Hiding in the Chimney? This humorous and interactive book tells the rhyming story of the magical events at Santa’s workshop in the countdown to Christmas Eve. Children can lift the flaps to discover new text and hidden images, as if they are exploring the world in which the story unfolds. The tactile design and rhythmic story make it an ideal way for young children to practise their literacy and hand-eye coordination skills.

Last but not least, for those in a creative mood, we have plenty of arts and crafts book with a Yuletide flavour: How To Draw Christmas offers step-by-step guides to drawing a range of popular images, from Santa’s reindeer to the big man himself, whilst Colour Your Own Christmas Cards and Make Your Own Christmas Cards and Decorations offer fun, stress-free ways to design and send festive greetings using illustrated cards, envelopes and stickers.

You can find these titles (and many more non-Christmassy ones) on our website at, as well as Amazon, Wordery and all good retailers.

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