The Tate Family Experience is a totally new and innovative family tour. Presenting three different experiences, visitors are encouraged to put their own interpretation on the artwork and the gallery space.

The guide which has been created by Antenna International encourages visitors to touch, feel and play with the exhibits, interacting with each other and the building. The open ended questions asked throughout allow for a really fun and immersive experience, one that changes with each visit as much of the tour comes from the imagination of the visitors.

The first experience is a military exercise into an artist’s brain. The artist has forgotten everything and it’s up to the visitors to remind him how to feel, what shapes, colours and textures are.


The second sees the family helping a famous horror writer come up with a new idea for her next best-seller. The visitors are free to choose their own hero, villain and superpower, finding inspiration in the works around them.


The third and final experience asks the family to guide two aliens around the gallery and try to explain some very basic human experiences. What is a nightmare? How do you describe ‘beautiful’? It puts the family group in control, allowing them to not only view the artworks in different ways but allowing freedom of expression and interpretation.


The app design itself is visually appealing, designed to be clean and fun but not distracting – each ‘experience’ is brought to life through small details in the design, such as the flickering gauge on the Memory Retrieval Device (first experience) or the gently pulsing background on the Intergalactic Translation Device (final experience).

A wonderful experience and fun for all the family, if you’re looking for a way for your kids to learn and really enjoy the Tate Modern at the same time, the Tate Family Experience is an unmissable opportunity!

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