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Absolute Action is a privately owned Limited Company based near London in South East England. It was established in 1983 and has since that time specialised almost exclusively in the development of fibre optic technology and systems for the purposes of illumination and display. As such, it is the longest-established and most experienced company in the market today.

Over the years, the Company has independently sourced, tested, and deployed a wide range of different fibre types, lamps, optical components and control equipment in the development and execution of their work.  The type and combination into a final system of any of these foregoing elements is at all times determined by the required end result for each project in aesthetic and practical terms, as well as with regard to performance and durability.  Prototyping and rigorous testing are a regular feature of the company’s day-to-day operation.

The applications have been as varied as the approach has been dynamic.  The Company’s installations are to be seen worldwide in an astonishingly diverse range of projects, many of which have been published as exemplary of work in this field.  Absolute Action has thus established a unique reputation as pioneers and expert designers, manufacturers and installers of the very best fibre optic lighting systems available in the world today.

Absolute Action offers a full consultancy service and undertakes responsibility for projects from concept to completion. Underpinning the company’s wealth of experience is a fundamental commitment to progressive development of what is best and viable in the fibre optic lighting industry. The Company invests continually in an intensive R & D programme, drawing on the specialist skills both of in-house engineers and technicians as well as independent consultants in specific fields of expertise.

All Absolute Action’s work is conducted from office, studio and workshop premises in South East England, where the complete range of the Company’s activities are carried out: optical research; engineering and system design; development and production of electronic control systems; sales and marketing; project management; administration; and manufacturing.

At Absolute Action, we are extremely proud of our high standing within the industry. The Company is dedicated at all times to providing the very best in quality of supply and service. This has resulted in an impressive record of acclaimed installations and an international reputation for innovation, reliability and durability.

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“The museum has always taken great pride in the rendition of color and detail of the artefacts lit in its galleries which, until recently, was only available with inefficient and hot halogen lamps that partially melted the optics in the showcases, reducing the amount of light transmitted.  Working with Absolute Action, the University of Oxford began a quest to find the perfect lighting solutions for the showcases—high colour rendering, long life and increased efficiency.”

Lucinda Lay, Carbon Reduction Projects Manager Estates Services I University of Oxford (on behalf of the Ashmolean Museum)

“The opening of Lee Chapel continues to elicit rave reviews and visitors regularly comment upon the fibre optic lighting system.  Indeed, it is not uncommon for us to be told that it is the lighting that sets the exhibit apart ”

Thomas V Litzenburg Jnr., project director The Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, USA

“Your fibre optics at the museum really are lovely.  Each time we replace artifacts and re-aim lamps, we appreciate your work here.  It’s absolutely been a pleasure working with you”

Toni Beldock, Curator Texas State History Museum, Austin Texas, USA

“A short message to say how thrilled I am with the way that the Drawing Room looks after all of the work that you have done. I couldn’t imagine before quite what an improvement the lighting would make not only to the pictures, but to the whole room – it really is a game-changer.”

Private UK client May 2016