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ATS are digital visitor experience and interpretation specialists, involved at all stages from conception to delivery and ongoing support.

With over 25 years’ experience in assisting cultural and visitor attractions, our content production, hardware and software are designed with the visitor in mind, as well as ensuring smooth on-site operations.

We are specialists in audio and multimedia tours, virtual tours, apps and films and have clients in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Poland and Italy.

Working with some of the world’s best known and busiest attractions, we create engaging and memorable content, which is delivered across a variety of digital platforms – both for on-site and ‘at home’ experiences.

Our in-house team includes visitor experience consultants, scriptwriters, audio and multimedia content producers, editors and graphic designers, app and software developers, hardware and electronic designers.

We produce our own hardware and software and currently service over 40,000 audio and multimedia guide devices across our client sites internationally.

Our strategic operations experience is brought to bear on every project, with consideration being given to the most appropriate digital and creative solutions. As each location and project is unique, we work closely with our partners from the outset to advise on the most effective and tailored solution.

To keep up to date with our latest content and innovations, you can follow us on Twitter at @ATS_heritage or visit our website at www.ats-heritage.co.uk

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Specialist Updates


An audio guide was the next step, we chose ATS because of their impressive CV and reputation for great content

Duncan Leslie, Chief Executive Hever Castle

We knew we had a fantastic story to tell so wanted a company that could really bring it to life.

Iain Standen, CEO Bletchley Park Trust

The multimedia guide does everything that we wanted it to do and more it – has exceeded my expectations.

Mike Cavanagh Lincolnshire County Council (re Gainsborough Hall)

The portable AV guides are a must, you would miss half of it without one, probably the best guide we’ve had.

Visitor Chedworth Roman Villa

It was the very personal and understanding way in which the ATS team got involved with the Royal Hospital team and determined how their creative talents could best suit the needs of this very particular challenge.

John Rochester Royal Hospital Chelsea

The multimedia tour is one of the best we had used – chunked and layered into interesting elements making use of a variety of media (music, film, reminiscence, key objects) appeals to a broader range of people.

Judge ‘Re-presenting Eltham Palace’, AHI Award 2015 (Winner)

Taking the virtual guided tour was excellent and very informative leaving no stone unturned, the detail is mind blowing.

Visitor St Paul’s Cathedral