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Number 1 in Collections Management Technology

As the world’s number 1 provider of collection management systems to Archives, Museums and Specialist Library collections we have the largest and most flexible range solutions available.

Whatever your objectives for your collections, Axiell have innovative technology solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Manage Your Collections

Store high quality object, people, event and organization data to stay in complete control of your collections. Search and group objects quickly, build sophisticated groups of objects and build automated reports for monitoring collections activity.

Research & Analyse Your Collections

Search intuitively by date, category, thesaurus, multi-lingual terms etc. Access in depth bibliographical, scholarly and multimedia data. Create automated processes for managing research requests.

Easily Manage Exhibitions, Events & Loans

Build exhibition plans quickly and easily with powerful search and grouping tools. Monitor object availability, tracking location and status of objects; managing loans, acquisitions and transport.

Preserve & Protect Your Collections

Effectively manage conservation schedules and care requirements. Store transport and handling instructions and manage labelling and barcode creation to ensure the correct care of collections.

Make Your Collections Accessible Online

Increase your reach by sharing your collections online. Avoid double entry by integrating your collection management system with your customer facing site, easily manage public vs private objects and make changes to web content quickly and easily.

Effectively Digitise Your Collections

Assist your digitisation projects using specially designed rapid data entry tools and workflows. Monitor your progress with easy to use reporting functions.

From simple and ready to use systems, to highly bespoke and tailored solutions, we will take the time to understand your requirements and provide a solution which best fits you.

We have a range of market leading collection management systems to choose from. We’ll take into account your collection type, institution type, IT resources, budget and organisational goals and recommend the best fit solutions for you.

Specialist News


Management of our collections has improved considerably since installing EMu. We now have a consistent system in use throughout the Museum, allowing users to query the data for research, learning & enjoyment. The addition of community-based Narratives has reconnected the Museum and its collections to source communities and users around the world.
Malcolm Chapman Manchester Museum
We have never been told no, you can’t do something. Sometimes it takes a little bit more thought, and sometimes we’ve been gently guided in a slightly different direction, but we’ve learned to trust the Axiell Support team because we have never been steered wrong.
Barbara M. Thiers New York Botanical Garden
More and more of van Gogh’s world is going to become accessible on the net. Axiell is our partner and a great help to us in various decisions here as well.
Nikola Etink. Sector Manager The Van Gogh Museum
Our old IT system was a dinosaur. The new system paid off in a year – despite numerous customised solutions. Everyone now has a completely different overview, accessibility and considerably shorter lead-times.
Els Alebregtse, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport The Hague
Our ability now to be online and to have people access our collection in that way to complete research is really helping us to fulfil the mission to the public.
Paula Destefano Winterthur Museum, Gallery & Garden
Axiell and the collection management solution Adlib proved beyond a doubt that they could meet our needs for streamlined workflows and our ambition to digitise our collection and make it available online, while maintaining control of the data and ensuring a positive ROI for the project.
Grace Lei Macao Museum