Big Orange - The Audio Agency
Meeuwenlaan 100
1021 JL Amsterdam
Niels van Esch: [email protected] , pnone: +31 6 21590697
Vincent de Koning: [email protected] , pkone: +31 6 21204121


Big Orange is an audio agency headquartered in Amsterdam.

We specialize in creating audio stories for physical and digital spaces, including immersive audio tours, premium podcasts, audio experiences and remarkable sonic identities. We work with museums, brands and cultural organisations who, just like us, have the guts to reinvent themselves time and time again.

Every organisation has stories to tell

However, many of them fail in telling them in an engaging way. We guide our clients to find the best creative approach and surprising angle to bring those stories to life through audio, resulting in an attractive story instead of a boring summary of figures and facts. Your stories will be crafted to connect, engage, and resonate with audiences in a successful way making, them fall in love not only with your collection, exhibition or museum but more so with the way you tell your stories.

Your ears are our way in.