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Breathe is an easy-to-use cloud-based software system designed to help SMEs simplify their HR processes. It includes functionality for managing employee information, expenses, benefits, recruitment, on-boarding, training, absences and holiday requests, workloads and staff performance.

Breathe is a self-service system which enables employees – as well as HR administrators – to report absences, request holidays, update personal information and more.

The system includes permission-setting tools which managers can use to grant or restrict access to sensitive information. This is key to data and employee information security.

Our customers’ data and documents are stored securely in state-of-the-art ISO 27001 certified datacentre facilities. This means sensitive information is always fully-secure, which is key to helping organisations avoid GDPR-related breaches.

Why do organisations use Breathe?

Having an HR system like Breathe means businesses can keep on top of day-to-day admin with ease. This means they’ll spend less time on time-consuming manual processes – such calculating holiday allowances, recording employee absences and collating documents – and more time focusing on growth and development.

Breathe in numbers

Last year we asked 300 customers what they think of Breathe, and this is what they said:

  • 98% of our customers say Breathe has given them better overall visibility of their employees.
  • 90% of our customers agree that Breathe is good value for money.
  • 96% of our customers would recommend Breathe to another SME.
  • 86% of our customers are happy with the amount of help they get from the Breathe support team.


“Effective communications were key throughout lockdown and we have helped many businesses remain in close contact with their team members by using Breathe. At a time of uncertainly and with many employees nervous about their positions, clear and uninterrupted lines of communication have never been so important.”

Carla Brown PSHR Solutions