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As interpretation designers, one of Bright White’s main objectives is to encourage clients to develop ambitious, unique and powerful creative approaches that tell great stories in a truly innovative and engaging way. We relish working with new people, new ideas and technologies, and being inventive. We do this by providing our clients with a specialist set of tools and skills to encourage the team to feel confident at all stages of project development.

We strongly believe in a collaborative working approach; we have much experience of fostering enjoyable working relationships and environments where every member of the team is respected, consulted and their particular talent is acknowledged and deployed. This way the process becomes enjoyable and truly creative.

No design company is more at ease with enabling technologies than Bright White. Our core understanding of the fine details of just about any technical delivery method means that we can be confident about such matters as they arise. However, we have never used technology for technology’s sake. We think of the visitor experience first, and the technical aspect of the delivery last. We strongly believe that the technology should be invisible or, at worst, inconsequential to the visitor.

Story telling is at the heart of our thinking; by combining it with our excellent experience of engineering, materials, display techniques, physics, art, technology and media, we are capable of planning, designing and managing the most ambitious interpretation projects.

Image Guide

  1. Combatants take their positions around the 30-person medieval battle simulator at the Battle of Bannockburn Centre, Stirling.
  2. Edward’s army waits to see if King Robert will make his move.
  3. King Robert gives a strong order to attack.
  4. Close-up of the 3D battle simulator terrain.
  5. Close-up showing the depth of 3D terrain on the Battle Map.
  6. A Fearsome local farmer joins the Weefolk. Speak to her, find out why.
  7. Real physical weapons and 3D immersive digital environments blend at the Battle of Bannockburn Centre, Stirling.
  8. Holocaust survivor Martin Stern being filmed as part of the landmark The Forever Project.
  9. Steven Frank, Holocaust Survivor, looks to camera during filming for The Forever Project.
  10. Holocaust Survivor Rudi Oppenheimer between filming sessions during The Forever Project.
  11. Early visualisation of the Heath Robinson Museum, opened in July 2016.
  12. Early visualisation of the Engine Shed for Historic Environment Scotland, due to open in 2017.