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About Us

Calvium are a mobile app development agency based in Bristol. As leaders in digital placemaking apps, Calvium have been working with clients to create unforgettable experiences that help foster a sense of place since 2009.From rich audio landscapes, to visually stunning augmented reality, Calvium has worked with organisations such as; The National Trust, Historic Royal Palaces and Tower Bridge, combining digital and physical worlds in order to tell stories and create enchanting experiences.

How we work

It is our belief that in order for a project to have impact, it is essential that it is driven by genuine insight about its target audience. Furthermore the co-creation of the app with the people it’s being developed by and for, can ensure a genuinely intuitive and engaging product that meets the specific needs of its audience.We have a proven track record of working in close partnership with app originators and innovative ideas. Our research background at Hewlett Packard means that we are familiar with the process of creative problem solving, rapid prototyping and user testing. We believe that this hands-on way of involving end users in the process is the right approach to understanding the problems and inspiring creative solutions.

How can I find out more?
Interested in finding out more about placemaking apps? Visit our website to read more thought pieces and articles or look through some of our previous projects at

Specialist News


“Working with Calvium to create the immersive soundscape that is Guardian Streetstories has been just fantastic. We have been able to compose, lay out, test and refine over 70 original recordings to create this app within a couple of months”

Francesca Panetta Guardian Special Projects Editor

“We partnered with Calvium because we knew we could rely on their professionalism and their expertise – not to mention their design skills and creativity. They delivered exactly what we were looking for. Their advice was at all times excellent. We’re delighted with the city visitor trail app!”

Visitor Marketing Executive City of London Corporation

“Calvium were really supportive of the project. We were given an induction into AppTrails so we could upload our own content and they gave extra support when we were a bit stuck. There were well defined deadlines to stick to and the development process has been incredibly smooth and straightforward.”

Laura Hilton, Visitor Services Manager The Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust

“Working with Calvium was terrific. Their expert knowledge in designing AppTrails helped us select sites and create a narrative thread that was very much aimed at our intended users, while at the same time not losing sight of the academic research that underpins each walk.”

Fabrizio Nevola University of Exeter

“Calvium had both the technological know-how and the conceptual understanding necessary to partner with the project. We were able to work together to develop a custom designed app that contained soundscapes addressing relationships with place and community.”

Pedro Rebelo Project Lead, Queen's University Belfast