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We are the creators of ColliderCase technology. We developed ColliderCase to enable our clients to display digital media in exactly the same point in space as a real object. The viewer perceives the digital content to be floating the same space, even within a display case. This creates completely new possibilities.

Objects and stories share the same stage. Requiring no smartphones, no special glasses, and no learning curve.  Visitor focus is firmly on the object: with enjoyment, insight and appreciation.Absolute clarity.

The technology is invisible, only the storytelling and the object can be seen. Seamless integration ensures the ColliderCase system never detracts from the object display. Sumptuous animated graphics and videos mean visitors can:

  • See inside objects 
  • See how they work
  • See their history unfold
  • See their internal workings
  • See them come to life, or back to life
  • See fine detail that is easily missed 
  • See hidden aspects and meanings
  • See missing parts
  • See objects reunited with related objects
  • See greater meaning in museum objects 

“Stories surround and interact with objects in enchanting and enlightening ways.” 

ColliderCase creates a truly engaging learning experience. Objects are animated, their stories unfolding in a magical way.

The technology redefines the relationship between objects and content. Now, content can touchand interact with your objects, and the viewer does not have to look away from the object to enjoy the content.

ColliderCase is a new platform for object and content display with new possibilities for object interpretation. It is purposely designed to increase engagement in real object displays by bridging the gap between two worlds – that of traditional object display, and the limitless potential of digital content. ColliderCase makes it far easier, quicker and cheaper to make changes or update content whilst maintaining the same high degree of quality of presentation.

Another product of ours, iotaCase, is a new and different way to evaluate the performance of museum displays across a wide variety of audience profiles, using high definition data collected all the time. You will learn a huge amount about your audience and what works for them, with scientifically robust data to prove it.

For further information please visit:  www.virtualcase.com or to take a look at our selection of videos please visit: www.vimeo.com

Image Guide

ColliderCase Rank Badge:

  1. Interpretive text floats in thin air alongside the delicate silk object.
  2. Digital images float magically in the same space as the delicate object.
  3. The ColliderCase system is very smartly integrated into any showcase.
  4. Details of your object can be highlighted and interpreted within the same space without effecting the delicate object.
  5. With ultra-high definition display, text is sharp and crisp, images pop and video can be very high definition.
  6. Detail of ColliderCase interpretation of a Chinese Rank Badge.
  7. Detail of ColliderCase interpretation of a Chinese Rank Badge.

ColliderCase Sextant:

  1. With ColliderCase you can show how objects work in ways not possible before. Here beams of light actually pass through the lens and bounce off mirrors of the Sextant.
  2. Show the internal workings or animate an object. Here the arm of the sextant is animated, showing the passage of light through the attached mirrors and lenses.
  3. The interpretive content floats magically in the same space as the object.
  4. Digital media can easily be shown right next to the object.
  5. Beautiful design of different practices merge into one space.