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Project Management


CS (Cowshed) Projects is a project management consultancy to work with you on your management of projects.  For the client, developer, contractor, or designer.  To make them exceptional.

CS Projects has two key elements:

CS Projects Management – To manage your project


CS Projects PMO – To help, improve and provide specialized targeted assurance in project management and project oversight, in a lighter way.

CS Projects was established with the goal of providing a sustainable, enjoyable, and effective approach to elevate projects and profits for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and client/developers in fit out, bespoke manufacturing, and design. With the primary focus in permanent exhibition and leisure within commercial fit out.

At CS Projects, the priority is collaboration to maximize value and benefits for all stakeholders involved in projects, delivering the value to both the project and your organisation.

Taking pride in leading projects and improving project management practices, and their connection to your business. Through years of experience, deep understanding of the industry, and a proven track record of value creation, to offer flexible solutions tailored to your unique business and project requirements.

By choosing CS Projects, you can expect a dedicated partner committed to delivering sustainable, enjoyable, and efficient project outcomes while consistently adding value to your business.

With a lifetime portfolio boasting more than 90 commercial projects, CS Projects now brings that wealth of experience and expertise to you.  With qualifications in various related areas and invaluable experience working for multiple companies across different project roles, including the client, design team, main contractor, and specialist subcontractors.

This diverse background positions CS Projects as a resourceful and adaptable partner, for all project situations. Whether it’s navigating complex client agent requirements, coordinating with design teams, managing the main contracting process, or collaborating with specialist subcontractors, possessing the knowledge and firsthand experience to handle diverse project challenges.

By leveraging an extensive understanding of various project perspectives, CS Projects is well-equipped to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet your projects unique demands. A multidimensional approach ensures effective communication, streamlined processes, and successful elevated exceptional project outcomes across the board.



“What sets Simon apart is his exceptional communication skills. He ensures all stakeholders are kept informed and engaged throughout the project and ensures everyone is on the same page.”

James Brearley Heritage Interactive

“Simon is a superb Project Manager who has delivered multiple projects for us at the Hub from 2022-2023. He is very commercially aware, excellent communicator, great with the clients, very thorough and always has his head in the detail, and very easy to get on with.”

Harry Coughlin, Head of Museums. The Hub