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Recognised as leaders within the field of historic paint analysis and historic interiors research, and known by their name, ‘Crick-Smith’, Ian and Michael provide a valued and unique paint analysis, conservation research service to the heritage sector since 1983.

Crick-Smith undertake research and conservation for a wide variety of clients and sites, from historic houses and royal palaces, industrial, military, public buildings, universities/colleges, bridges and vernacular properties. They work on many high-profile projects, St Pancras Midland Grand Hotel, Kenwood House, Kew Palace, Osborne House, Bletchley Park, Glasgow School of Art and Willow Tea Rooms. Ships of all shapes and sizes to military artefacts  HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, HMS Namur, HMS M33, WW2 tank landing craft LCT 7074 and Ocean Pride PZ134 a Mounts Bay Lugger.

Crick-Smith said:

“Our main research tool is architectural paint research, called paint analysis or paint scrapes, although it is far more than analysing paint. By taking samples from historic painted surfaces, analysing all of the layers and referencing to archival evidence enables us to identify the history of historic spaces. Identifying dates for alterations, repairs, remodelling, periods of neglect or disaster. This builds a complete picture of the history, and informs decisions on the most suitable treatments and periods to preserve or recreate.”

They focus on the research and conservation of historic paint, wallpapers, decorative finishes etc. With 500+ projects for a range of clients and variety of employers. They provide the information needed to inform their project decision-making, ensuring your project meets the highest standard and fits the budget and timescale.

Historic paint analysis, lead analysis, wallpaper, renders, mortars and material analysis, combined with archival evidence tell the story you need to know to achieve accurate, practical and achievable results. The very best quality service for your project.

Backgrounds in conservation and archaeology, re-enforced with degrees in Conservation and Restoration, Crick-Smith recently completed 11 years of internationally recognised research at a UK university.  Renowned as a consultancy, Crick-Smith understand what is required and to what level, so that you are not commissioning unnecessary and expensive work.

When you commission Crick-Smith you get the “Crick-Smiths”.


Crick-Smith has carried out projects on a very impressive range of English Heritage properties.

Crick-Smith carry out their research in a highly professional and thorough manner, in site meetings and in reports, which are very well presented and clearly argued. In connection with Kenwood House, their contribution expanded into ongoing involvement in discussions over the consequences and implementation of their research.

Dr Jeremy Ashbee, Head Properties Curator English Heritage