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Calibration,Environmental Monitoring and Control,Humidity and Moisture


D-Tech Systems Ltd specialise in solutions, equipment and services for measurement, monitoring and control technologies for the museums, art gallery and heritage market as well industrial, food, pharmaceutical and scientific industries.  With our many years of experience we can provide advice, solutions and products as well as also providing on-site or in-house calibration and maintenance services.

Regular calibration of environmental monitoring instruments and equipment is important to maintain accurate and reliable readings and to assist in continuing to achieve the correct environmental conditions for artefacts and collections. We provide on-site or in-house calibration services with quick turnaround times and traceable calibration certificates. Regular calibration can be an important criteria when indemnity, insurances, loan requirements or accreditation are required.

D-Tech Systems Ltd can advise on the use and supply of portable humidifiers, de-humidifiers and control equipment to aid in the control of the humidity and environment in museums, art galleries and other applications. Humidifier hire could be the answer to increase humidity in a museum, art gallery, store etc on a short to medium time basis. Ideal for a short term exhibition or display where humidity levels are critical or to cover for equipment maintenance / repair. We also service and maintain humidifiers, regular servicing  of portable humidifiers and de-humidifiers is important to maintain an efficient and reliable operation and to assist in continuing to achieve the correct environmental conditions for artefacts  and collections.

We are fully insured and our technicians are qualified and trained and carry the ECITB Safety Passport qualification.   D-Tech are the UK and Ireland agent for the Eltek range of environmental monitoring equipment for the museums and heritage market.  We are members of the Museums Association, the Association of Independent Museums and the Irish Museums Association.


“To give you an update, the Eltek system has been working well over the past year, and proved really useful already.  Some of the things we’ve used it for include:

  • Monitoring temperatures in hard-to-heat areas to build up a profile of their behaviour throughout the week.
  • Proving our optimiser is bringing the heating on early enough in other areas.
  • Producing graphical evidence of out-of-hours heating; something we’ve subsequently used to make efficiency savings.
  • Monitoring exhibition space for artwork which we are due to receive for display.  This has included highlighting the influence of early-morning sunshine, something we’ll be able to tailor displays to avoid.  This has been useful for us, and reassuring to parties lending us their art.
  • We’ve been calibrating individual offices to ensure they’re being heated correctly.
  • In one area our pro-active monitoring has highlighted deficiencies in the heating infrastructure which we’re tackling now before issues arise.
  • The loggers have also recently been used to calibrate some new BMS sensors to ensure we’re accurately heating important committee rooms.

 The installation of the system was really straightforward, with your help, and we’ve found the software easy to use to be able to display and extract the data we’re after.

Over the next year we’re hoping to realise even more efficiency savings by using the Eltek system to optimise the BMS”

Matthew Jones, Sustainability Manager The National Assembly for Wales