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DCN is based throughout the UK as a network to promote inclusive practice in the Heritage Sector as service providers, physical, cognitive and sensory access, working practice, innovation and recruitment and retention of paid and unpaid workforce.

We believe that museums and heritage organisations can be accessible and inclusive as well as collaboratively produce narratives relating to their communities. Accessibility and inclusive practice does not mean high cost to the organisation but to understand the social and economic barriers which directly and indirectly affect the organisation, and how it can address these barriers in the short, medium and long term through collaboration and support by organisations like ourselves.

Members of DCN have 20 years’ experience working in the Heritage Sector. We offer support to museums and heritage organisations of all sizes, governance and budgets to widen participation, engagement and identity in collections, auditing, access panels and development to attract £249bn of the Purple pound to tourism and heritage, as well as widen participation and representation of the communities which they serve.

We also recognise the need for disabled and neurodivergent talent in the workforce throughout the Heritage Sector.

DCN develops research, projects and collaborative opportunities for organisations to understand the holistic social and economic barriers to visiting and working in public spaces and heritage organisations.

We encourage and support organisations working with disabled people to create positive action, strategy and change to existing practice.

We provide:

  • Access audits for museums and heritage organisations for barriers in relation to physical, sensory and cognitive access.
  • Training and workshops on inclusive practice including neurodiversity awareness.
  • Supporting working practice for disabled and neurodivergent talent.
  • Strategy support for identifying existing practice and developing inclusive cultures in their organisations.
  • Supporting organisations in developing community access panels.

We provide a free online hub of information, case studies, resources and standards in relation to inclusive practice available via www.musedcn.org.uk