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Tinytag data loggers are an effective and reliable solution to monitoring environmental conditions in museums, archives and heritage sites. In situations where maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels is crucial, Tinytags provide fast and accurate data which enables informed preservation and conservation practices.

Robust and cost-effective, Tinytags are suitable for a variety of applications, including monitoring in exhibit spaces and storage, as well as monitoring outdoor conditions which affect buildings and sites. Their long battery-life and rugged design means that Tinytags can be left in place to record for extended periods of time, allowing comprehensive profiles of environmental conditions to be built up.

Tinytags enable a flexible approach to monitoring; their simple, compact design means that they can easily be moved between locations, and they can be supplied in unobtrusive colours, so that monitoring can take place without distracting from exhibits. New units can be added over time, so that monitoring programmes can expand according to requirements. Units with external probes are available for sealed display cases, meaning that data can be retrieved without opening the case.

Stand-alone data loggers record data which is downloaded to a PC via a USB cable at the end of the logging period.

In sites requiring remote access to data or with multiple monitoring points, the Tinytag Connect system of Radio and LAN data loggers is an ideal solution. Radio loggers collect data automatically and send it via a receiver for direct viewing on a PC. LAN data loggers are ideal for applications where radio signals may be problematic due to range or building infrastructure and can be situated wherever a network point is available. Radio and LAN loggers can be mixed-and-matched within a system. As well as monitoring temperature and humidity, units are available to monitor count, which can provide footfall data.

Analysis of data is made easy by Tinytag Explorer, computer software specially designed for use with Tinytags. Data can be exported to popular software packages and results from separate logging runs can be combined for comparison and analysis.

Tinytags are designed and manufactured in the UK by Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd.


Specialist Updates


Gemini helped us identify exactly what we needed and how the radio system would work best for us, and what we could achieve within our budget. The after sales service has been brilliant, there’s always been someone available to help.

Margaret Harrison, Collections Manager Canal & River Trust

Tinytags are easy to use and provide detailed readings that are invaluable for maintaining the best possible environmental conditions for our collections. They have a long battery life, and their discreet design means they aren’t noticeable when located in the gallery.

Samantha Bannerman, Curator ,St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum

Tinytags proved easy to use, flexible and suitable for our display spaces, so we have continued to use them. They provide all the information I require to manage and care for my collections appropriately.

Leeanne Westwood, Curator Valence House Museum

Key reasons for choosing the Tinytag were simplicity and ease of use. As with any volunteer run organization a major problem is making sure that all staff can understand and use it for the sake of continuity.

Mike Creagh, Archive Volunteer Barrow Hill Museum

I am impressed by the significant amounts of data that can be stored by the loggers and am completely satisfied with the efficiency of the calibration service offered by Gemini Data Loggers.

Jane Demet, Museum Management Group Volunteer Rushden Transport Museum