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Uh-Oh Books is a collaboration between two Bristol based creative companies, on a mission for sustainable education. We create educational children’s books inspired by real stories of how our small actions can create positive change, empowering children to take eco action. Focused on interaction, both our stories and extended product range aim to engage and inspire children through interaction and beautiful design. Our range of activities work with the book, or in isolation, supporting children’s education through fun and creativity. Our two main additional resources are the Uh-Oh’s activity book and Uh-Oh Books Club. The activity book is designed to work alongside the storybook to engage further discussion and education around the main themes. The Uh-Oh’s Activity club provides online access to downloadable activities and resources with kids magazines arriving with the start of each new season bursting with art, nature and educational fun.


“I’m really behind your story as I think it really engages children on such important issues and listening to it with my 4 year old and working through the workshop activities really impacted upon him and he’s more aware of what we can do to look after ocean life now” –

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