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Where the Visitor Experience means Everything

In an expanding digital world, the need for authenticity, connecting with people, places and times – and to each unique visitor experience – has never been greater.

At Imagineear we help our clients create this connection. We are media specialists, at home with immersive multimedia, from wall-sized video content through to 3D soundscapes, both for self-guided and group experiences. We are at heart technophiles, building and maintaining our own software and app solutions, as well as our own hi-tech equipment, designed to maximise compatibility and performance.

We produce AR and immersive experiences that augment the tangible world of our clients, and with our network, we are building AI into our experiences. We are international, with headquarters in London, an EU headquarters in Amsterdam together with a team in Romania, and clients worldwide.

Our clients include museums, galleries, travelling exhibitions, heritage sites, sports clubs, stadia, aquariums, film studios and more. In ten years, we have delivered 41 million experiences to visitors at over 250 attractions worldwide, from the Houses of Parliament and Wembley Stadium in London, the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to M+ in Hong Kong. Each client and project has unique objectives; so we tailor our work to suit individual client needs.

The process is collaborative, creative, iterative – and fun. Skilled in-house designers and producers work closely with our client’s team every step of the way to design the visitor’s journey – both physical and emotional. Expert scriptwriters and story-boarders then orchestrate rich narrative themes, supported by new and existing content, and features from 360° media to interactive games, which we trigger, automate and synchronise on apps and devices alike. At the heart of the tour is TourBuilder Plus™ – our content management platform offers complete creative freedom and streamlines production processes into an intuitive workflow.