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Look2innovate is a new venture (2016) and a sister company to RSF International, a well-established Luxembourg company (2002), leader in the field of AV equipment dedicated to the museum field.

Look2innovate has the aim to develop innovative multimedia solutions with unique features, that are easy to use and maintain, and that are extremely reliable.  Three new product lines are now available:

The Look professional Android tablet multimedia player:

A powerful visitor guiding tablet custom designed to fully address museums’ operational requirements for sturdiness, easy handling, and powerful programming.

The Look is already in use at Paris Musées (1200 units in 14 museums), and has been chosen by prestigious sites including the Beethoven exhibition in Bonn (2020), the new Munch museum in Norway, and the Qasr Al Watan presidential palace in Abu Dhabi.

The Look2Sanitise UV-C sanitisation box for AV equipment:

This professional box is designed to keeping your AV equipment park virus-free at all times.  Be it your audio-guides, tour-guides, headsets, microphones, or mobile phones, they can all be sanitised swiftly and in a very simple manner.

The Spotphonics directional speakers:

An advanced range of directional speakers that offers a multitude of solutions for different site requirements.


Why choose Look2innovate?

Our research team brings years of experience in developing solutions that are already enjoyed by hundreds of sites around the world.

We strive for innovation in the multimedia field and design products with unique functionalities and applications.  We are constantly seeking the latest technologies and seamlessly integrating them into our products and applications in order to keep enhancing your visitors’ audiovisual experiences.

Reliability, easy-handling, and easy-maintenance are the other important criteria in the development of our products. We always ensure that our customers’ sites are never interrupted by technical issues.

The Look2Innovate venture is new, with an innovative mindset to respond to modern challenges, and will be ensuring your access to great products for years to come.


In short, reliability and ease-of-operation and ease-of-distribution has been remarkable. We’ve turned the renting of Audio-guides to our guests into a solid, six figure revenue streams. This past calendar year, we saw about 500,000 museum guests and about 16% to 20% of our patron guests utilized the optional audio tour. At $7 for each audio tour rental, you can see it’s a very positive and important part of the business for us.

Distribution was our pain point in prior iterations with other equipment – delicate equipment, limited battery life and complicated utilization was certainly a problem for us prior to engaging with RSF. Not to mention, we were paying for headphones and then paying to dispose of them.

In the 100’s of thousands of rentals we’ve only sent a handful or two back for repair. We are presently preparing the units for three languages with our upcoming Genghis Khan exhibit, English, Chinese and Spanish.


We appreciate all that you’ve done for us and I know our guests appreciate it too.

Mark Fitzpatrick The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute