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Lucidea delivers unrivaled museum collections management software

Lucidea provides market-leading collections management systems to museums of all sizes and budgets, with innovative software purpose-built based on best practices learned by working with museum and gallery clients for over 25 years. With Argus, we deliver comprehensive collections management tools that go beyond traditional capabilities—solving today’s museum challenges, and ready for tomorrow.

The Argus difference

Fully Web-based Argus enables you to offer public portal access to objects and exhibits and provide more in-depth documentation about each artifact—delivering content in context. Leverage efficient purpose-built workflows with minimal training required, and rest secure in the knowledge that Argus is built on sustainable, cutting edge technology to remain relevant as your collection and requirements grow.

Museums and galleries stay accessible, visible and relevant

Argus empowers you to offer an educational, inspiring and entertaining experience for visitors around the globe. Open your doors to the world with a public access portal that offers powerful search and makes your collection discoverable via Google. Offer sophisticated image galleries with links to related objects, highlight special exhibits, and share curated collections. Offer mobile access for visitors and use your Web presence to show, tell, engage, and inspire.

Efficient, streamlined workflows

With dynamic updating, information entered behind the scenes instantly refreshes in the public portal, with no need for exporting or connectors. Intuitive, easy to use navigation minimizes training requirements for your staff, interns, and volunteers, giving them more time with the collection.

Request Management

Our feature-rich Request Management Solution offers capabilities that take museum research workflow seamlessly from request or project capture, to assignment and resource allocation, to collaboration, to (multimedia) documentation, to communication with the requester—and finally to automatic creation of a database for reuse and reporting—all within a single venue.

We are here for you

Argus is built especially to support and empower museums, galleries and historical societies, whether large, small, or somewhere in between, now and into the future. We would love to talk with you about your institution and your challenges. Together, let’s discover how Argus can help you reach your goals.


Specialist Updates


Argus is now integral to what each staff member does on a daily basis, and is also bulletproof for the occasional user; people can play around with it to do things that suit their own workflow …the beauty is that it is neither simple nor complex—it’s what you choose to do with it. We can shape it to our needs instead of making new investments in order to stay current.” 

Dr. Alex Barker, Director Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri

When we needed a new collections management system we went through a rigorous procurement process with a number of different applicants, and we scored every element; Argus came out on top every time, they had great references, offered capabilities that would make both gallery staff and IT happy, and were well within budget.” 

Shannon Parker, Curator of Collections Art Gallery of Nova Scotia