Digital Consultant,Marketing & Public Relations,Social Media,Virtual Reality


  • Passionate about culture: ensure culture is accessible to all.
  • Project Coordinator for international projects.
  • Creator of international and world trending social media campaigns.
  • Champion for the next generation: kids and young people.
  • Defender of Libraries: creator of #savelibraries
  • Wearable technology for culture and in society.
  • Digital and Tech Enthusiast.
  • Sharing knowledge.

I run/facilitate day or 1/2 day workshop based on:

  • Remixing Museums
  • Wearable Technology
  • Digital Media
  • Social Media
  • Young People and Museums

Founder of several project
MuseoMixUK: A product from MuseoMix in France, MuseoMix UK will take place at Derby on November 7-9 with an open day 10th. Approximately 120 people from cultural, dev/programming/technical and visitor sector will come together to inspire, create, play with exhibitions using FabLab, digital and traditional resources.

MuseumCamp: An unconference for people who like Museums to talk about issues relevant but not always heard at conferences. Museum Camp is being planned for 2014.

Teens in Museums: Addressing the needs of teens and young people internationally.  They created the manifesto and supply all content for the website.  On Twitter and Facebook also.

CultureThemes: Culture Themes is a multinational group of museum professionals. We exist because of our passion for promoting and preserving museums, libraries, galleries, and heritage properties worldwide. We run monthly hashtag events that allows venues and visitors new to social media interact with a fun and positive activity.

Run Ask a Curator Day on Twitter.

Additionally, I review institutions in addition to interviewing pertinent personnel as appropriate.

Specialties: Digital/Social media, Audience Development, Wearable Technology, International Cultural Sector, Teens in Museums, Guest Lecturer, MuseoMixer

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