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Digital Asset Management,Publishing


Media Systems is a specialist in delivery and tailoring of Content management and Publishing solutions. We have been in business for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area.

If you produce Wall labels, guide books, catalogues or any other type of print or digital outputs, MSL has something to offer you to make your production processes more efficient. The systems and services we provide have proven suitable for all size of operations, with our biggest customer having 500+ users, with the smallest just 5 users. Same products but configured and tailored specifically for each customers needs.

At MSL we deal with a very varied group of customers including Institutions, Agencies, niche publishers, Magazines & Newspapers, and have been able to help all of them improve their processes, reduce costs and free up valuable time and resource to concentrate on the quality of their content.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Publishing CMS (Multi-channel publishing platform)
  • DAM (Comprehensive and flexible Digital Asset Management)
  • Workflow analysis (How can processes be improved?)
  • Wall Labels (Automated label production)
  • Catalogue production (Tailored automated catalogue creation)
  • Apps (Digital content creation and output to App platforms)
  • Bespoke development and integrations (e.g. Websites, integrations with existing systems)

At the core of our offering is a premium support team who recognises just how important it is to be able to help our customers when they most need it, be this in a technical or consultancy capacity. Identifying and dealing with bottlenecks, automating a lot of the mundane and manual tasks that are part of general workflows, is key. The cumulative savings to be had from such automations can have a significant impact and being confident that these are being taken care of in the background means that efforts can be concentrated into the areas of the business most in need of attention.

We can also provide help with infrastructure – e.g. setting up servers, getting you established in AWS etc.

We would be delighted to hear from you – please contact us at www.mediasys.co.uk/contactus


“MSL provides us with great solutions, integrations to our existing systems and first rate support – I can highly recommend them”

Simon Twigger, Digital and IT Programme Director TI Media