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Owen Gleadall
Managing Director
Admission Systems,Booking Systems,Retail Solutions,Ticketing Solutions,Ticketing Systems


Supplying Award Winning, Fully Integrated, Market Leading, Attraction Management Solutions for any type of venue.


Do you offer box office and/or on-line ticketing options? Merlin® covers all admissions requirements including group bookings, educational visits, tours, special occasions, members only, restricted quantities, delegate badges, seated arenas, mobile applications, etc, etc.


Do you have retail outlets? – Merlin® provides full retail management facilities for any type of retail operation covering shop sales (including apparel), café, bar and restaurant.  With table ordering and kitchen printing to multiple kitchen printers as standard, Merlin® is the complete answer to all your on-site retail requirements.


Do you run events?  Merlin® caters for events of any type and size from 1 to 1M, whether in-house or even in a field by using the Merlin® ‘Mobile’ app.  You can have multiple dates, sessions, times and participant criteria i.e. age, height, weight, competence level, etc.  It also includes the ability to print delegate badges on arrival for conferences, seminars, training courses, etc.  Full ticketing, to your own design is included, which can be ‘print at home’ or electronic for Tablet, Smartphone, etc as required.  You can also integrate on-line ticketing into your website, which not only keeps you open 24/7 but also helps drive traffic to your website too.


Do you sell seats? With Merlin® you can create any type of seating layout from a table in a restaurant to a complete sports stadium, concert or festival.  Seats will then automatically go on sale for purchase.


Do you hire rooms or other resources?  Merlin® manages any type of resource from simple room hire to any other type of activity whether it is squash courts, ski slopes, climbing walls, boat hire, train rides, birthday parties, or anything else.  There is also the ability to add items to the booking i.e. coffee, tea, lunch, projector, screen, tour guide, coach, entertainer, etc.


Do you sell memberships, friends club or patronage?  Merlin® controls any type of membership, including the actual design and printing of your membership cards, reminders, renewals, welcome letters, direct debits, etc.  Membership cards can be on paper or plastic as required.




We are delighted to have been awarded the BBC Radio Northampton ‘The People’s Choice’ and ‘Best Special Project’ at tonight’s Northamptonshire Heritage Awards.

“A nice way to mark the first year, being an open and (very) active heritage visitor attraction.  Excited to see what year two delivers with lots of big plans on the horizon.” Jack Pishorn – General Manager

“Congratulations Jack and well deserved.  You have come such a long way in such a short time” Owen Gleadall – Merlinsoft

“Thankyou Owen, it’s been great working with Team Merlin on this project” Jack Pishorn – General Manager

Jack Pishorn, General Manager. Chester House Estate

 We have been using the Merlin system now since 2006 and it has continued to provide all the various functions and facilities we have needed as we have updated and enhanced our venue over the years.

The Trust’s decision to adopt Merlin was partly on their ability to listen to our needs. Merlin’s staff are always on hand and you never feel like you’re asking a daft question and the great thing for us is that we can add new modules as and when required without every ‘growing out’ of the system.  You also know that you have bought into a system that evolves with you when you see your suggestions incorporated into the next release.

 Initially Merlin ran on our old existing hardware but over the years this has been replaced by Merlin’s own product range, which has always performed admirably.

 Merlin has a low entry cost compared to other available software and its ability to have more than one company’s set of data running on every terminal means that within seconds we can convert a till from being the charity’s admission system to our trading company’s souvenir till, with all the monies and accounts being kept completely separate.  In reality we often switch individual terminal usage depending on the peaks created by the time of day.

 Merlin has proved to be a powerful and complex tool helping in the running and planning of our business, but with a very user friendly interface used by all ages from the seasonal teenage staff who are used to technology to the octogenarian volunteers who aren’t.

 Over the years we have added many new Merlin modules covering e-commerce, online ticketing, catering with online menus and table ordering, mobile tablets for seasonal ‘huts’ and even drive-in movies.

 Having a single fully integrated system means that management information is always ‘at your fingertips’ and as up to date as the last transaction you performed.  The fully integrated stock control system has also been a boon and especially when our annual stock take took a day to complete rather than the previous two weeks.

 We would wholeheartedly recommend the Merlin system and our decision to choose them as our supplier is vindicated every day.  

Adrian Baker, General Manager Bressingham Steam and Gardens