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Museum Storage

Museum storage demands a range of systems that can protect the integrity of the items being stored, given their cultural, historical and financial value. That’s why our museum storage units continue to be used by a growing number of private and government based institutions. We ensure that not only are the items preserved for years to come, but they are practical to use and meet the needs of your specific storage space.

From archived shelving and picture racks, to display cabinets and document storage, our dedicated museum storage team can design, manufacture, deliver and install the right system at a price that suits your budget.

Archive Shelving

Museum archive shelving not only has to provide plenty of storage room for important and valuable items, but it has to be robust, adaptable and cost effective.

Our archive shelving system provides all of this and more, allowing you to optimise the space available to you, no matter how large or small. It enables museums to safely store artefacts that can be accessed by multiple people at the same time.

Manufactured using durable steel before being powder coated, our archived shelving system for museums provides the sort of long lasting protection you need, and can be purchased in a huge range of dimensions to match your requirements.

 Picture Racking

 Our picture rack systems are perfect for use in both museums and art galleries. We have a number of specially designed racks that will help make the most of the storage space available.

They can be constructed to fit into almost any type of space, ensuring valuable pictures and images are safely stored and easily accessible at all times. Whether you want a ceiling supported or free standing picture rack system, our specialist team of museum storage experts can help you choose the right option.

In many cases top supported picture racking is installed, but if a floor supported system provides better stability, this is just as easy to fix securely into position.

Display Cabinets

 With its high level security locks and strong glass covering, our display cabinets are ideal for use in museum exhibitions.

The content being held inside our display cabinets can be quickly changed whenever needed allowing you to keep the exhibition fresh and engaging with new items. They can also be used for jewellery displays, high end retail and for private collections.

Manufactured using steel, our display cabinets are durable and available in a number of different colours to match the surrounding environment. Use the pull-out drawers for further storage space and they can also be installed complete with LED lighting for that perfect finishing touch.

Document Storage

 Plan chest storage units are the best way to store large pieces of documents and can be built to match any specification. Our document storage solutions ensure the items can be preserved long term and clearly indexed so they are easily retrieved when needed.

These document storage units can installed as either stand alone units, or to maximise the storage space available, mounted onto mobile carriages for real flexibility.

Whether it’s for large or small flat items, plan chest storage units make up an essential part of any museum or storage collection.