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No other vendor today can offer such a comprehensive and solution oriented portfolio. The only manufacturer of digital visual equipment able to supply all the major display technologies including LCD, dvLED and Projection; NEC is uniquely positioned to provide technology-agnostic consultancy recommending the perfect-fit solution to every application requirement. NEC Display Solutions brings together experts in the industry and offers a single point of contact to provide total display solutions for a variety of vertical markets.

By understanding the unique needs of the end user and gaining clarity on the objectives of the application, NEC works closely with all parties to specify, deliver and support the perfect-fit solution. NEC has worked with and in many cases been nominated the Display Technology Provider at many museums and historic venues including the Imperial War Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Museum of London, the Mary Rose Museum, York Museum, the Museum of Liverpool, Tate Britain, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Scottish Submarine Museum and The Royal Opera House.

Digital media is widely used in museums and visitor attractions today; directing, informing and engaging with tech-savvy public in a way which inspires, stimulates and entertains. This is not limited to any one technology, there is a wide choice available, each offering best fit according to different usage scenarios. NEC is perfectly placed to be your partner in creating an engaging visitor journey through interactive tables, screens and floor projection to super large format digital surfaces using video walls, laser projection or dvLED modules.

The recent refurbishment at the Royal Opera House saw NEC chosen as its Display Technology Partner installing a range of technologies including a bespoke curved dvLED screen to draw attention to its Covent Garden Piazza entrance. In addition, NEC UHD large format displays are used to engage, inform and direct visitors once inside the venue, whilst edge-blended laser projection delivers super large wide-format inspiration in the foyer space. Harnessing the latest technology whilst preserving the building’s architectural heritage is a major achievement in this landmark deployment.


“Having worked successfully with NEC in the past, we chose to use a trusted product which has been tried and tested – we needed a professional solution.”

Hugo Roche, Managing Director of Sysco AV integrator for the Mary Rose museum.

“NEC’s laser projection was an obvious choice where low maintenance and plug & play reliability were a critical part of the operational viability of the centre.”

Brian Keating, Founder Scottish Submarine Museum.