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Panelock is recognised throughout the world as being at the forefront of display wall design and manufacture. Our range of museum quality movable art display walls, designed around the unique Panelock  inbuilt retractable castor wheel mechanism, has been developed following many years of research and close consultation with exhibition designers and gallery staff.

The flexibility and ease of movement of our systems has revolutionised the way in which both permanent and temporary exhibitions can be mounted.  At the turn of a removable operating handle, each panel can be moved to create a completely different display layout, or alternatively, a room can be swiftly cleared to allow for a multitude of different activities.

Our four standard display wall systems, all incorporating the Panelock operating mechanism, are versatile, durable and designed to be re-used for successive exhibitions over many years, thus eliminating constant expenditure on display wall construction and the inevitable needless waste of materials.

System 100           Free standing movable display screens, perfect for use in smaller venues and multi-purpose spaces.

System 200           Fully demountable free standing movable display units which can be linked together to form limitless display configurations.

System 400           Movable flexible display panels guided by a non load bearing overhead track, with the panel weight always being on the floor.

System 600           Movable display panels that simply lock between floor and a solid ceiling.  Used extensively in listed buildings where no fixings to walls, floors and ceilings are permitted.

In addition, our in-house design and manufacture enables us to adapt our standard designs to develop new and exciting display wall ideas.

Our concept is to help maximise the full potential of your display areas, be it a designated gallery space or busy thoroughfare, and to allow artwork to be displayed in the most sympathetic and informative way. We have installations in community exhibition venues worldwide and we pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient customer support, attention to detail and ability to work to critical deadlines.

We are confident that we can help you create a flexible multi-functional space capable of hosting a diverse range of exhibitions and activities.




“Highlanes chose Panelock to provide our display units because of their innovative design, simple operation and flexible capacity.  The genius of System 200 is its flexibility;  we were very impressed with its modular design.  The task of taking down a current programme and designing a new one has been made much simpler knowing that the physical display can be increased, decreased, repositioned or altered in any different number of ways with relative ease and at a minimum of cost in terms of time to do so.  We wish to thank Panelock for their professional service, customer support and above all excellent product.”

Nick Reilly, Director Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda, Eire