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Paragon Rapid Technologies has been bringing design to life since 2003. We have a full range of build services, from large-bed 3D printing to CNC machining. These are supported by extensive casting processes and an experienced team of in house modelmakers and designers to deliver projects at every level. We can help you create everything from outsized models to intricately detailed replicas.  We have helped museums, heritage centres, galleries, prop makers and model makers to produce out-of-this-world models, displays and installations across the entertainment universe.

Paragon has one of the biggest 3D printing stables in the UK, including 3 large NEO SLA printers offering outstanding fine detailing with minimal post finishing, for lightweight models or for mould creation for casting and SLS printing for more durable, robust nylon parts.

We provide casting services for parts in rubber and rigid PU and silicone. Materials range from transparent plastics to skin-simulant silicone rubbers, ideal for larger parts and installations, lenses, and prosthetics. We also offer CNC machining and turning, to deliver metal work and larger constructions.

If you need a complete solution, our team of multi-talented, multi-disciplined modelmakers blend traditional skills, research and technology to produce eye-catching, interactive pieces in all scales and sizes.

Whether you are looking for a completed model or accurate replicas for your installation, we are always conscious of quality and strive to advise the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. We are proud to be an approved Disney supplier and work extensively with Lucasfilm, Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers on creations for stage and screen. We support some of the UK’s most renowned creative houses, such Millennium FX, Asylum Models & Effects and Robert Allsopp & Associates; and have completed projects for the National Science Museum, Heritage Scotland, Merlin Entertainment and more.

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Below showreel; The Baby Hippo Puppet, for Millennium FX.
Performing Artist with the hippo is Rob Nairne
The Hippo was created using SLA (3D printing) to create a mould for silicone casting. Paragon Rapid Technologies Ltd did the printing of the head and the feet.