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What is the difference between your business and another’s?

It’s you and your team. The people that your visitors meet. And what makes the difference between a good day out and a great day out? The people that your visitors meet!

We all communicate in one form or another but can all your team engage with a stranger, lift the spirits of the visitors in a queue or impart their knowledge to a group of excited school children without losing their voice?

It’s not enough for customer service to be good, it needs to be excellent. Our interactive, practical, results-driven training reduces absence due to sore throats and lost voices, increases sales, improves customer relations and develops a far more productive working environment.

Partners With You have particular expertise providing customer service, storytelling, voice and engagement training to tour guides, educators & curators and front of house staff; helping them to build rapport, avert misunderstandings or misinterpretations and leave your visitors with a great opinion of your business and the way it handles all kinds of issues.

With a selection of off the shelf programmes we can also adapt or design specific workshops to suit you according to whether you want scripted delivery, on-the-spot, off-the-cuff exhibit information, or a combination of both.

We’re all about clarity of communication, instant impact and complete comprehension. Our trainers are experienced stage and screen actors, applying, amongst other things, the techniques and skills of their profession, to make sure that whatever you’re saying, you’re saying successfully. We can’t guarantee an Oscar but we will guarantee a huge performance enhancement.

Don’t just take our word for it … here’s what our attendees say:

  • Everything we learnt was completely relevant to our jobs
  • Helped me find techniques and exercises that I need to keep calm
  • A fun way of learning and I would do it again!
  • I found this course very useful as it is good to know how to avoid straining your voice.
  • Improves your visitor’s tour experience and your own enjoyment day by day
  • A must have for any customer engaging role! Brilliant, insightful, awesome, extremely useful!