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Augmented Reality,Digital Consultant,Interactives,Multimedia & Interactives,Virtual Reality,Web Designers


Rhythm work at the cutting edge of event tech, museum interactives and web design, creating interactive digital experiences for physical spaces, the internet and mobile. We stay on top of all the new tech to solve problems your average digital agency can’t. We also create our own innovative products that bring new concepts to the world of experiential digital engagement.

Rhythm build pretty much everything using responsive web technology, so projects built for touch screen kiosks and installations can be put online for mobile devices and PCs at no extra cost. We bring the latest in web tech to museum projects, integrating with third party services such as social media where appropriate, allowing museums to access the world of user-driven organic marketing.

  • Digital installations & kiosk software
  • Web site design and build
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Social media integration
  • Data visualisation
  • Creative digital ‘sandbox’ apps
  • AR, VR and MR
  • Digital consultancy
  • Interpretive digital design

V&A Design a Wig
A fun online creative sandbox app which became a worldwide viral hit on social media, generating huge amounts of press attention and becoming the most popular page on the V&A’s website.

A huge wall of body-controlled bubbles and lasers, allowing party goers to immerse themselves in a mesmerising interactive brand experience. We’ve also created body controlled interactives for The Science Museum and the Manchester Arndale.

House of European History
An interactive table combining Wifi and RFID, allowing visitors to control an animated interactive experience using museum tablets.

International Bomber Command
Data-driven animation plotting the size and target of 12,000 air raids in WWII throughout europe.

National Science & Media Museum
‘Time Twister’ live projection mirror for Wonderlab using a PC and a high speed camera to produce a time-delayed mind and body bending visual effect.