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ROTRONIC is a world leading manufacturer of temperature, humidity, moisture and indoor CO2 measurement products that can be relied upon.

The wide range comprises sensors for applications of all types including:

  • flush mount and mini probes for use in display cabinets, gallery walls and confined spaces
  • handhelds for making spot-checks of conditions
  • sword hygrometers for measurement in paper and textiles
  • data loggers including a secure multi-sensor validated continuous environmental monitoring system (Rotronic RMS) with all data and alarms available anywhere. RMS eliminates the need for cabling. RMS microsite
  • probes and measurement transmitters with analogue and digital outputs for interface with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system

Technical specifications for the entire product range are readily available on the Rotronic website www.rotronic.co.uk

Rotronic Improves Energy Efficiency and Reduces Running Costs

The precise measurement of temperature and humidity together with CO2 as an indicator of air quality enables accurate control of conditions within museums and galleries resulting in reduced energy usage and hence lower running costs.

High / low and fluctuating humidity and temperature levels can damage artwork and artefacts of all kinds, constant monitoring is required. However, since all manufacturers’ humidity sensors drift (Rotronic by less than 1 %rh per year) and their specified accuracy ranges from ±0.8 %rh (Rotronic sensors) up to typically 3 %rh or even higher it is crucial that consideration is given to the selection and use of measurement products that can be relied upon year after year. Rotronic calibration accessories including traceable %RH standards are available to confirm sensor performance. We have UKAS / ISO 17025 accreditation for temperature, humidity and dew point calibration and a purpose-built laboratory at our offices located at Gatwick.

CO2 Levels and Air Quality

The measurement of indoor CO2 levels is important since it is an indicator of air quality. In conference rooms and public spaces of all sizes even a moderate level of CO2 leads to a significant decrease in a person’s attention and drowsiness. Modern building management systems can use indoor CO2 measurements to control building ventilation, opening vents only when required, thereby saving energy.

Continuous Environmental Monitoring with RMS

Closely monitoring temperature and humidity levels with full alarms is conveniently possible with the Rotronic continuous environmental monitoring system (RMS). Across multiple company sites and locations too.

All data is recorded at the interval required and available remotely on any device, presented in the format required. The system is modular and can be extended with additional sensors at any time. Further parameters such as CO2 can be added using fully integrated third-party devices. All data is secure; RMS conforms to FDA 21 CFR part 11.

There is a dedicated Rotronic microsite for the RMS monitoring solution LINK

All Rotronic products and software are fully supported in the UK and Ireland by experienced technicians; the warranty period is 24 months. Additionally, we have a UKAS calibration laboratory on site and can check sensor performance for any manufacturers’ instruments.

Rotronic is a company in the Process Sensing Technologies (PST) group of manufacturers providing unmatched instrumentation for environmental monitoring and process control.

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