Since our Founder, Joseph Stannah, began the business in 1867 making cranes and hoists to move cargo around the London dockyards, we’ve been in the business of moving people and goods. For over 150 years, we have built our reputation as a trusted, independent UK lift company. Our engineering heritage means we meticulously craft and develop our products to make them the very best in the market.

We work with many of the UK’s leading heritage sites, to improve access without compromising the unique character of each building.

For custodians of historic properties, it’s a common challenge. How do you improve access in a way that is in keeping with the building itself, and meets both the Listed Building Regulations and Equality Act 2010?

With our expert knowledge, our engineers can help all building professionals with their projects, from a bespoke lift installation to reviving an existing lift. And because we have such a broad range of lift options and lift services to choose from, we can often improve access where no solution seemed possible.







See for yourself how we have used our expertise around the UK.

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Specialist Updates


“In keeping with English Heritage guidelines, our conservation architect, curator and the Howard family insisted that no further drill holes were made into the historic and protected Grand Staircase. Stannah was very open to this and installed the lift stanchions to the fixing points of its predecessor. Stannah also closely matched the lift colour with the natural stone walls.”

“Stannah was professional to work with from initial enquiry through to numerous site visits, technical surveys and, most importantly, during the installation.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Stannah Lifts.”

Matthew Nicholson, Head of Commercial Operations Castle Howard

“It was just so good to get to the theatre this afternoon and be transported up in the new lift. Thanks for making my working life bearable again!”

Robert Sanderson, Theatre Managing Director Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

“We had three rock-solid reasons to specify a Stannah platform lift: Our beloved stairlift had delivered long, reliable service—thanks to Stannah’s outstanding customer care. Critically, Stannah was the only company that could deliver a bespoke solution to accommodate the installation constraints of the Environment Agency and Natural England. We also favour working with local companies and are reassured by Stannah’s lengthy pedigree in opening up heritage buildings to people of all mobilities—an important consideration when it comes to meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.”

Sue Tapliss, Mill Director Whitchurch Silk Mill

“This was a challenging retro-fit project to a tight deadline in the run-up to the London Olympics and Stannah really rose to the challenge. In particular, finding a solution to restoring our caged lift with a totally glass lift car, with no visible workings in the shaft, was a triumph. All the lifts blend within their surroundings and perform the essential job of moving people and goods seamlessly about our building. Having a single lift supplier for all fourteen lifts made logistic and economic sense. It was an excellent decision.”

spokesperson Hippodrome Casino

“When the building was opened to the public five years ago we didn’t initially have the facility of a dumbwaiter. How I wished we had. Since installing the Stannah Microlift this year the movement of food from the kitchen has become so much easier. The lift was installed very quickly and neatly, with most of the work being completed overnight so our routine was only minimally disrupted. We were very pleased with the process of purchasing the lift and even more pleased to be relying on it every day.”

Peter Rollins, Sales and Marketing Manager Thermae Bath Spa