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Staff Training and Development


When we, Lily Pender and Josh Gaillemin, began theWholeStory in 2005 we ran storytelling workshops to develop and improve how individuals and groups communicated.

For museums, heritage and cultural organisations we started by focussing on how visitor facing staff and volunteers share the stories, history, heritage or culture of their collection in tours, object handling, talks and conversations.

However, we quickly saw there was also a need for training to develop how museum staff and volunteers thought about, responded to and actively interacted with visitors, to meet their expectations and to positively influence their experience. We enjoyed helping organisations and teams’ identification of what their visitor experience could be and how their story was cohesively shared through interpretation and visitor contact.

Today we are proud to use storytelling as a communication and training tool within national and regional museums, in natural landscapes, in city contemporary art galleries and heritage organisations.

We create training to help volunteers and staff, offer visitors a fulfilling, engaging and memorable visit, from “Hello” to “See you again soon”.

We facilitate the identification of how, when and where new and current volunteers and staff can best enhance the visitors’ experience by being the face to face catalyst between the museum, its interpretation and visitors.

We facilitate the finding of the stories that volunteers and staff can share, convey, illustrate and evoke (through interaction), to connect and inspire visitors with the characters, ideas and actions, time and places present or represented.

We provide suggestions and respond to the needs of staff and volunteers to offer a selection of useful and practical workshops and training that will give them the skills, confidence and creativity to interact and communicate with visitors.

 Our Visitor Experience workshops cover the following:

Finding your stories, impromptu and programmed conversations and discussions, object handling, storytelling, tours, talks, room stewarding, interacting, greeting, welcoming, customer and visitor care, visitor charters, memberships, donations.


Josh and Lily are superstars! They deliver really good training courses for whole organisations without that I’M – A – SCARY – CORPORATE – ROBOT stuff you get so often

Lucy Worsley, Chief Curator Historic Royal Palaces