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Conservation Material and Products,UV Protection


For over 50 years, Tru Vue® has been optically coating acrylic and glass in order to create high-quality glazing products with a variety of protective and aesthetic characteristics.  This includes products such as Optium® Museum Acrylic, UltraVue® Laminated Glass, and TruLife® Acrylic – a single sided, anti-reflective acrylic for face mounting and direct print applications. Using a range of highly specialized coating technologies, including magnetron sputter deposition, our goal is to provide artists, museums, collectors, and designers with products that are produced to the most stringent conservation and design standards and to protect art and cultural heritage while still allowing the viewer to fully experience them as originally intended.  Made in the USA, our glazing products are shipped to over 50 countries worldwide and are used in both design applications and to help preserve a diverse range of items of cultural significance.  This can be as varied as archaeological artifacts, impressionist paintings, contemporary photographs, and textiles.