1-6 St Helens Business Park
Co Down
N Ireland
BT18 9HQ
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Helping to bring your brand to life and your product to market.

With over 140 years of experience in the textile and manufacturing industry, we have achieved expertise across global markets in product design and testing through to production and sales.
Quality to trust. Design to inspire.

Who we are

Ulster Weavers are a 5th generation family business based in Northern Ireland.
We are a Northern Irish business with a global reach.
Our Head office & Design hub operate out of Holywood & our main manufacturing unit is located in Banbridge.
Our presence is worldwide with key account managers across the UK & ROI, an office in New York and over 25 exclusive distributors across the world.
For 140 years Ulster Weavers have been at the forefront of textile innovation, design & production.
A key part of our business involves bespoke work and new product development and we have partnered with some of the most renowned brands in the world.
The spirit of our brand is infused in everything we do. Our heritage & reputation has afforded us the status as market leaders in this industry.

How we work

We work with our customers as an addition to our team, so our expertly crafted group of designers & specialists become an extension of yours. We design and produce timeless textiles & new to market products through clear strategy, beautiful design & quality assurance. Our service includes: Design – team of highly experienced & diverse inhouse designers based in Holywood Product research & testing New product development Product sourcing Manufacture Delivery Quality guarantee Marketing support Partner Brand protection

Why work with us

  • Reputation / heritage –Our long standing key partnerships with trusted global brands tells this story. Our reputation is everything. In 1995 we were awarded the Royal Warrant for textiles, an esteemed mark of quality & service delivery.
  • Trust–Our experience and length of service with our strategic partner brands spans 30 years plus.
  • Control -Our service takes your product from concept, design & sourcing to production & delivery.
  • Market leaders –Our ‘cradle to grave’ ethos allows full control over your brand. Ulster Weavers branding on care label will be recognised as a mark of quality.
  • Experts -We design, source & manufacture for our competitors.
  • Authentic –We only work with the best, the best only work with us.
  • Marketing Support –We can provide marketing support and provide branded Point of Sales displays and graphics.
  • Passion –We are passionate about what we do and anything associated with our brand, this means that we will also be passionate about what you do.
  • Quality -We only use the very best suppliers and our reputation is everything. Everything we do is designed in Northern Ireland by our inhouse design team in Holywood. We do not trust a third party to deliver on our quality & design assurance.
  • Innovation –We have experience of developing a hugely diverse product range which is highlighted in the scope of projects we have been involved in.
  • Merchandising abilities –Our association with high profile sporting events, John Lewis & Partners and other highly celebrated brands reflects this. We are trusted to deliver on quality, highly experienced in this field & trusted to protect dual branding.
  • Experience –Our recognised experience in global markets has enabled us to build on our competitive advantage in regards to product sourcing and logistics.
  • USP –We have a global logistics network that rivals any other in our industry, allowing full control over your brand, your product and your reputation.

Quite simply – ‘we do what others cannot’.