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An industry-leading provider of online ticketing and integrated point of sale solutions, Vennersys has over 25 years experience in supporting their partners in improving and increasing value at their visitor attractions.

Their VenposCloud system provides visitor attractions with the necessary solutions to optimise the visitor experience, as it integrates a vast variety of functions including third-party booking, CRM, tickets & admissions, table ordering, point of sale solutions, Gift Aid and event, facilities, access, memberships and stock management.

Attractions are able to manage up to 2.5 million memberships, whilst maximising profits, increasing revenue by up to 80% and increasing online donations by up to 300%. Not only this, but the all-in-one solution also means that venues can increase Gift Aid by up to 90% for online transactions.

Vennersys work with their partners on an on-going basis, providing a consultative service to help optimise their digital approaches. They deliver high quality training and efficient day-to-day IT support from the UK, so that their partners can feel completely comfortable with their software. Their solution constantly evolves alongside the ever-changing needs of their partners and can be easily modified as their visitor attractions grow.

Vennersys are part of the Christie Group, listed on AIM London Stock Exchange. As part of this and in collaboration with their sister company Christie Finance, Vennersys are able to support visitor attractions by providing financial options to reduce upfront costs when implementing their system.

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“The Vennersys system has saved us a lot of administration time whilst modernising the way we work. Our previous system stored membership data electronically but the data was difficult to edit and export. Now we manage memberships through an online portal which is very user-friendly. Our database contains 45,000 members so it’s vital that we can easily upgrade and modify memberships. The touch-screen interface on our tills is visually appealing and simple to use. Staff operating the tills can see that there is a common sense journey. Our previous tills weren’t as intuitive, whereas now, staff complete training quickly. VenposCloud has significantly improved our admissions process. Tickets for walk in visitors are processed quickly and easily to help us avoid long queues of visitors waiting to enter the castle. Cardiff Castle welcomes over 300,000 paid visitors a year and offers a variety of tours so it’s imperative that we can facilitate admissions efficiently. We would definitely recommend Vennersys to other visitor attractions. It is a cost effective solution that can be suitably tailored to meet the specific needs of the site. We’re certainly happy with the system and the service we’ve received from the team.”

Lloyd Glanville, Front of House Manager Cardiff Castle