Vernon Systems Ltd.
P.O. Box 41317
Mt Roskill, Auckland 1440, New Zealand
Collections Management Consultants,Collections Management Systems


Vernon Systems has more than 30 years’ experience in creating software for the museum, gallery, and cultural heritage sectors.  Our systems are used around the world by institutions to catalogue, manage, and publish information about collections.

We develop two products: Vernon CMS is a modular desktop package designed to manage all types of collections within one comprehensive collection management system; eHive is a simple to use web-based cataloguing and public access system.

Vernon CMS is a comprehensive system which manages all common collection processes, including acquisitions, loans, exhibitions, conservation, rights, public access and deaccessions. Multi-user access can be controlled through the security and data auditing features, making it particularly suited for organisations with a collection management team.

eHive is used by hundreds of small museums and private collectors to catalogue objects, store images, manage acquisition information and publish records online. Vernon Systems manages the software, servers, and backups, leaving you to focus on your collection.