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3D visualisation,Book and Document Scanners,Digitisation,Microfilm Scanners


Zeutschel UK are sole UK distributor for Zeutschel GMBH the leading specialist provider of digital and analogue storage systems for documentation and archive management. For more than 50 years, they have been developing and producing scanning systems, microfilm plotters, microfilm devices, hybrid systems, book scanners and book copiers for walk up copies in reading rooms.

In addition to their extensive software solutions for document capture processing and management Zeutschel are working on 3D solutions, in particular creation of 3D images from 2D scans of books. Along with this are tools for the presentation of images on TV, Kiosks etc, with gesture control functionality.

Very popular in the Museums and Heritage market is Zeta, a simple scanner designed for the walk up copying in reading rooms. However due the high-quality Zeta produces and the simple touch screen interface Zeta is now being used for digitisation projects by volunteers or “friends of”

In 2017 Zeutschel launched Scan Studio:

It contains a scanner base unit consisting of a proprietary camera with a digital camera back from PhaseOne.

For universal use in digitization projects. ScanStudio is an overhead scanning system and photo studio in one and it can process a variety of originals — from stamps and 35 mm film, books and manuscripts all the way to maps, historical magazine volumes and aerial photographs. The image results meet the highest quality standards defined by Metamorfoze, FADGI and ISO 19264.

Compliant with guidelines up to A1 format
For example, Zeutschel’s ScanStudio A1 meets the strict specifications of familiar guidelines and standards for image quality. In the case of A2 originals, imaging results can be obtained in line with Metamorfoze Full and FADGI-4 Star.
The image quality in A1 format corresponds to FADGI-3 Star and Metamorfoze Light. With this high image quality, the imaging system also complies with the new ISO 19264 standard.

To achieve this, the camera and interchangeable lenses are optimally attuned with the digital camera back from PhaseOne. In addition, the ScanStudio A1 has LED lighting designed for the digitization of our cultural heritage which provides optimal illumination of the originals.


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