Following a 110-year tenure at the London’s Natural History Museum and more recently an eight-venue tour across the UK, Dippy the dinosaur’s new Coventry residency at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum is now open to visitors.

The 292-bone model of Diplodocus will spend three years in the Herbert’s Covered Court. The model is well travelled, having previously spent time in Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dorchester, Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne, Norwich and Rochdale.

Coventry Young Ambassador and local dinosaur fan Daisy-Marie Taylor was selected to put in place the final toe bone of the model during its opening day.


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Lorraine Cornish (Head of Conservation, NHM) and Daisy-Marie Taylor (Coventry Young Ambassador)
Lorraine Cornish (Head of Conservation, NHM) and Daisy-Marie Taylor (Coventry Young Ambassador)

Dr Doug Gurr, Natural History Museum Director said: “One of our top priorities at the Natural History Museum is making sure the treasures of our collection are able to be enjoyed by as many people as possible whilst benefiting and inspiring communities across the UK.

The Natural History Museum has named the economic benefit of the dinosaur model the ‘Dippy effect’. It reports that the eight previous touring locations collectively recorded a total two million visitors and just under £36m of economic benefit.

Gurr continued: “We couldn’t be happier that The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum will be the host of that loan for the next three years and we can’t wait to see the Dippy effect in action again.’

Marguerite Nugent, CV Life Director of Culture, said: “Now we’re open, visitors can enjoy our dinosaur themed programme of events and activities, tailored to visitors of all ages, helping them learn more about the Jurassic period, and the evolution of our world.”

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