The Museum of Homelessness has pushed back the planned public opening of its first physical space,initially planned for 2023.

The museum said its community and Board have agreed to “dedicate the rest of this year to community focused activity” and now plans to open to the public in Spring 2024.

The museum recently announced it has signed a ten year community lease agreement and is in possession of the keys to its first physical location at Manor House Lodge in Finsbury Park, London.

The museum will now use the rest of the year to run community events and activity, test its first physical site, and provide resources and space to people experiencing homelessness and developing its creative work.

The museum said it has seen a “sharp increase” in homelessness, and the delayed opening would provide “time and space needed to settle into the site and ensure local people are involved in the museum’s development, especially people living in the park, and people who are homeless locally.”

A statement on its website reads: “Things are really hard at the moment. We are seeing a sharp increase in all kinds of homelessness, a reduction in people’s rights and so many people are struggling for the basics.”

“We want to create a culture on the site that is the opposite of what is happening in our political and economic systems. We want to be flexible, reciprocal, generous and compassionate.

“We want our new staff team and community members to have time to settle into role, settle into the building and enjoy the process.”

Earlier this year the museum announced it is training a pool of trauma-informed coaches, to be based in its future venue.

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