The Museum of London is asking the public to suggest popular city signage for its upcoming permanent installation ‘Hanging Out’.

Signage from the likes of sports venues, cafes and pubs, shops, cinemas and theatres in the Greater London area are set to be featured in the installation, which will be part of the new London Museum when it opens in 2026. It will occupy space in the ground floor of the Smithfield General Market building, named Our Time and dedicated to exploring London in living memory.

The installation will also draw from the museum’s collection. The focus will be on large signs from the last 80 years which represent communities and places for socialising.

Beatrice Behlen, Senior Curator, Fashion & Decorative Arts at Museum of London, said the installation will be “a celebration of the countless communities that exist within London. To tell this multifaceted story, we want to locate signs from places that formed, or still form, the cultural hub for a community within the capital.

“Whether it’s a music venue, a sports club, a hairdressers, a café, or something else entirely, we’d love to hear from the people of London about which signs they think belong in our museum.”

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Image: Welcome to the ‘Stow, sign from Walthamstow Stadium, c. 1970-1990, previously hung at the entrance to the dog racing track © Museum of London