The Museum of London has announced it is now halfway through packing up the 10,000 objects in its London Wall galleries, ahead of a move to its new Smithfield site.

The two-year process to remove objects from display began in January 2023, following the closure of its Barbican home in December 2022. It is expected to open its new Smithfield site in 2026.

The move sees the museum barcode, audit, digitise and pack up each object individually.
Items range from small archaeological glass to large-scale objects like the 2012 Olympic Cauldron, Selfridges lift and Victorian Walk.

Footage shows museum staff in the process of the de-installation of its Pleasure Gardens gallery, which housed 18th & 19th centuries gowns & garments.

The museum’s new home at Smithfield is expected to welcome millions more visitors when it reopens, including every London school student, it said.

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