The jobs the students are doing include: the press office, the front desk, guided tours, handling table and the education session. We are all very excited as the general public will be arriving at 12:30 and we are going to be representing the museum and our schools.

The public were invited to come and learn about the museum and its history for free. We think it’s a good opportunity for students to learn and be able to share it with others.

Student Opps Grant

Max and Jordan from Caedmon said, “It’s a great opportunity for learning and teaching peers. We are proud of our work and can’t wait for the public to arrive.”

“The museum is a good experience for the public as they can learn about their heritage,” according to Finley and Marcus from Eskdale.

Emily, Gracie and Jet, who are working at the front desk, explained: “We will always remember this day and how much fun it is, teaching our friends and family.”

We love this experience as it allows us to express ourselves to the general public, as well as having fun! It is important that we can have these opportunities, to help build our confidence, and allow us to interact with our peers.

One of our favourite quotes is from Miss Wardell, a teacher from Caedmon, who has said: “I’m quite jealous that I’m not taking part in this wonderful experience as well!”

We have all enjoyed our day so far and we can’t wait to do more.

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