The V&A has launched a new interactive website for 10-14 year-olds, which offers games, quizzes and articles detailing the objects from the V&A’s collection.

The content on mused has been informed by a Trendspotter panel – a group of young people who helped identify the design and creativity trends that mused celebrates. Its core content is divided into the categories of art & design, fashion, music, film & TV and gaming.

Among the content already available are personality quizzes that allow young people to explore their identity with themes such as ‘Which fashion ‘core’ is your style?’ and ‘Which British fashion house should you live in?. Quizzes include those based on the V&A collections and popular culture, such as ‘Can you match the colours to the Marvel movie?’ and V&A object or AI image?.

The platform has been developed with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Digital Accelerator for Arts and Culture.

Kati Price, Head of Experience and Digital Media, V&A said mused is a “new global, culturally relevant, digital interpretation of the V&A for young people, which we hope will inspire them with the world of art, design and creativity.

“Our audience research showed that young people’s creativity is thriving on digital platforms and social media, redefining what we have understood as creativity previously. Art is no longer elitist, owned by a talented few, held at a distance, siloed into genres and mediums…it’s everywhere, everything and everyone’s.”

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